Our services are based on the needs of the client. Our clients find it advantageous to have a large array of resourses within Broad Point, eliminating their constant quest for marketing or internet-related solutions. All of our services are as individual as you are. So you can take advantage of one or more services as the need arises.

Our Services include:

Please contact us about your specific need in any area of marketing,
advertising or internet. Marketing, Advertising Design & Production Services.




The focus of your business is to clearly capture your audience quickly.
In Radio and Television, script is as important as the camera.
Copy writing is the key to successfully achieving this objective.
Broad Point Marketing's dynamic approach to copy writing is
innovative, concise and "to the point".




The "A to Z" of marketing is found in print advertising.
Size matters but content matters more.
Broad Point Marketing offers creative layout and design of  
Yellow Page, Newspaper, Magazine and direct-mail advertising.
We then place your advertisement to best reach your targeted customer.




We can assist you with all aspects of your web site including:

Our affordable hosting solutions makes Broad Point
the best place to host your business web site.

For a comparison of our internet services click here.



Using a large base of designers,
Broad Point can deliver a cost-effective web presence.

We can design a custom internet solution for your business
which is specifically tailored to your business activities.

Additionally, we can assist you in every aspect of the project
from "idea to reality" in a short amount of time.




Through our parent company, Support Resources Inc., Broad Point offers:

  • "AD-FREE" web hosting
  • 24/7 Site Monitoring & Notification
  • ASSP (Anti-Spam) email filtering
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
  • Domain Name Registration
  • FTP secure file transfer services
  • POP and SMTP email services
  • Search Engine Submission
  • SiteMap Submission
  • Custom Web Design

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